How it started…

The idea for Coolis was born in early 2009 when I wanted to get an ice machine in my own kitchen, larger than what is offered by the so-called side by side refrigerators. And better than the small machines where you have to manually fill the water and where the result is boring milk white ice cubes that melt too quickly.

I searched and tried to make contact with manufacturers and retailers in Sweden and Europe, but found no one who I thought was nice enough to have in a home kitchen. In addition, prices of the machines was not fun. That’s when I got the idea to look abroad and see what was offered.

Said and done; I made contact with various manufacturers mainly in Asia. I ordered about 10 different models as samples from different manufacturers. Eyed them carefully, I opened all of the machines and examined all the details. The choice of my favourite was easy; a manufacturer in Korea. Namely, SE-A E&C, a company that was founded 1981.

The machines from SE-A E&C is much more solid than the ones I imported from different manufacturers in China. The price is somewhat higher, but the machines is so much better in every detail. Just such a thing that one of the models I sell are equipped with a compressor of the well known brand Samsung gave me a very positive impression. And prices are still very competitive!

In October 2009 I went with some friends to Milan to visit a large hotel and restaurant trade show. There I had arranged a meeting with representatives from the company SE-A E&C. My impression was still very positive and it was then, more specifically on the airplane on the way back home, I decided to go ahead with the launch Coolis. The company is operated in the public limited individual ownership with Mikael Hammarbäck as the founder and owner. Of course, we have F-tax certificate.

The business concept is to sell great ice machines to a great price. Since the office is at home my expenses is low. The company is small and that gives a flexibility for the benefit of our customers. Support can be given during evenings and weekends.

The company founded by one ice lover for ice lovers! With a passion for ice!

Please feel free to contact Coolis!

Coolis in Milano

Mikael Hammarbäck (to the right in the picture)

Coolis founder with pallet

A satisfied founder, here with a pallet of Coolis A25B15

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The company have Swedish ”F-tax” certificate.